Web Design
From Inception, to Completion, and Beyond.

Having a great looking, functional and modern website is one of the most valuable assets a business (big or small) can have. Outside of word of mouth it is by far and away the biggest driver of new customers to a business and is often the first point of contact they have with your business.

By building websites that are not only beautiful, but functional and search engine friendly we can help you maximise your business's potential.

We provide a complete web design and aftercare package, ranging from the initial domain registering (if required), to monthly reports on website traffic, or managing online advertising campaigns.

Google Apps

Beautiful, Responsive Web Design.
Works on every device.

We build bespoke, great looking websites using the latest modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress. The end result is a slick, fresh and fast website that work perfectly on every device, from desktop to mobile.

Web Hosting.
Servers you can rely on.

All the investment in designing the website is for naught if the website isn't actually viewable because the server is down! Luckily, we run our own optimised servers that ensure your website is hosted properly, meaning no more lost clients from slow or crashed websites.

Increase your Visibility.

As part of our web design package, we make sure your website is as search engine friendly as possible. As part of this SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service, we setup, optimise and manage your site and Google listings so that your business website comes up as high as possible in search results.


Having an "you@yourbusinessname.com" looks a lot more professional than a hotmail or Gmail address, but can be more complicated to setup and manage. We set this up for however many users are required and ensure everything runs smoothly. If you have existing email addresses, we can migrate them if you wish.

See what's going on.

It's always good to know how busy your website is, how visitors are finding you and what your customers are searching for. Particle Digital can provide you with a detailed monthly report of your site visitors and can advise on any future online website marketing campaigns.

Latest Technologies.

Having a modern website is immediately noticeable and shows your customers you care. We use the most cutting edge web technologies and development methods to ensure your website is not only good-looking, fast and effective, it stays that way for the foreseeable future.

Additional Services.
We can do more.

For some businesses a website is more than just an online window to the world and a more complex system is required. We can build secure e-commerce websites that integrate seamlessly with your existing (or new) inventory and sales software, whilst providing information as to where your most successful advertising channels are.

Impressed? / Interested? / Confused?
Talk to us.

If it feels like you’re missing out on any of this, we highly recommend you get in touch! If some of it seems remotely confusing or just totally new, we’d love to explain and discuss the benefits with you.

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